“New Knee, New Lease on Life”

St. Luke’s Baptist Hospital is well-equipped for orthopedic procedures that can take away pain and restore function for patients suffering from arthritis or injury. Dr. Ty Goletz is one of the surgeons who performs joint replacement surgery. For more information, click the link below.



Learn about the Joint Club at Baptist Health System

Considering a knee or hip replacement? Joint Clubs make the process much easier. At Baptist Health System, patients get to meet other people undergoing the procedure. They go through educational classes together and even rehab together.


FEBRUARY 19, 2012

Knee replacements triple

Source: NBC Nightly News

As obesity rises and amateur athletes neglect to treat injuries, more baby boomers opt for knee replacements. NBC’s Nancy Snyderman reports.

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Joint replacement gives patient’s life back

Dr. Goletz provides his expertise to help a patient regain her ability to go about a regular active life.

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